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Auto Title Loans For You!

  However Bad Your Credit We Can Try to Assist You

Are you fed up with being told that you haven’t got a chance of getting a loan?

Are you sick of those long forms the bank hands you which you spend hours answering and then being refused by the computer?

If that’s you, you should jump on the fact that right here at Orange we pride ourselves on being a company that goes out of our way, trying to assist  people in your situation.

What we look for in granting a loan (and we like to say “yes”) is the unexpired equity from a privately owned CA motor car, your ability to pay back your loan and if you meet all of our business credit criteria. No one will bother about your credit rating and whatever your employment background is OK by us.

  • Discreet and confidential service
  • Real emergency cash
  • Take the money and keep driving the car

Legal Ownership

We at car title loans in Orange work on the basis that when we lend you the money and while the loan is being repaid, we become the temporary lien holders of your car.

The legal rights pass to us, but once the money has been repaid, all documents are returned and the car is just as much yours as it was to start with. The bonus is that you keep on driving the car during the loan period.

Quickly As Possible!

You can ask for a loan for any amount between $2600 and $20,000 – our team (see how it works) will assist you do the sums on all that so you can judge how much you can afford to borrow and the length of time you will  take to repay the loan.

We expect to take you from application to receipt of funds!

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